Turnkey Functions and services


  • Land procurement
  • All legal contracting for development
  • Deed of sale for land purchase
  • Land Availability agreements
  • Set up of entities to own land/SPVs
  • Structuring of the legal framework for SPV structures
  • JV and partnership contracting
  • Turnkey construction and development contracting
  • JBCC contracting
  • Tenders for construction
  • All legal application processes for statutory approvals


  • Geotechnical reports
  • Environmental impact studies and submissions
  • Engineering planning, reports and layouts for infrastructure bulk as well as internal covering roads, water, sewer, electrical and foundation specifications
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Services agreement with local municipalities




  • Township planning for integrated residential developments
  • Architectural design of units
  • Unit design and specifications in line with affordability of expected market
  • Urban design
  • Site development planning
  • Provision for social amenities including schools, clinics, churches, commercial etc.
  • Providing for phasing of development


  • Project Costing for external services, bulk contributions, installation of internal services and top structure construction
  • Feasibility studies
  • Securing of end user finance for project
  • Providing for alternative tenure solutions
  • Securing bulk funding for institutional projects
  • Securing development finance
  • Negotiations with local authorities, regional and central department of Human Settlements to secure grant funding for social housing projects, BNG projects and FLISP for bonded units
  • Development of tailor-made tenure and funding solutions for employer based projects

infraExternal and internal services and infrastructure

  • Design
  • Costing
  • Service agreements with municipalities
  • Tender management
  • Contracting and appointment of subcontractors
  • Project management
  • Installation of services external and internal

strucTop Structure

  • Architectural design and unit plans
  • Unit specifications
  • Council submissions for plan approvals
  • NHBRC enrolment
  • Tenders for employer based projects
  • Construction of units
  • Project management
  • Unit handover and retention management

marketMarketing and sales

  • Preparation of all documentation including application forms, deeds of sale and construction contracts
  • Marketing material, flyers and pamphlets
  • Pre-screening of applicants
  • Agreements with mortgage originators
  • Borrower education
  • Loan take on administration
  • Presentations to employers and labour unions
  • Development of housing policies for mine employers in line with the "Housing and Living Conditions Standards for the Mineral Industry.
  • Assistance to clients with funding applications, bond registrations and occupation of properties and "happy letters"