Across our group we are known for our dedicated efforts in developing innovative solutions that address the complexities and challenges associated with markets where low affordability and credit worthiness hamper the delivery of housing.

Our established and strengthened key stakeholder relationships with corporates, banks and other credit providers, as well as government and semi-government organisations, municipalities and NGOs enable us to grow and invest in further supporting enterprises.

As major shareholder in the group, Skyward Group also provides an acceptable platform to draw investment and funding into the group. This has not only allowed us to diversify the group into manufacturing, but it has also enabled us to supply products outside of our own needs and deliver into the broader market.

Skyward Group is key in the development of the strategic direction and development strategy of the group. With corporate governance support throughout the group we can ensure that legislation is adhered to, and that management and operational principles are applied to the highest standards.

In addition to all of this, we are also committed to social upliftment and employ people from our local communities to assist in the development of such communities.