Social Contribution

The Skyward group and its subsidiaries are firm believers in the development of small businesses (SMMEs) and the broad based empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Sub-contracting to SMMEs operating in the residential construction industry, and specializing in different aspects of building, is part of our Supply Chain Management policy. Advancing of funding by Skyward Housing to SMMEs to enable the purchase of building material required to complete their contracts is an important contribution to develop and empower these SMME's. Assisting SMMEs with the supply and or purchase of trade equipment and tools on a loan basis against their contracts, is still part of our assistance to develop and empower these small companies.

The Skyward group directly and indirectly employs approximately 1250 people, putting the company in touch with employees and labourers where the need for development and training became a reality.

home1Peoples Housing Process

The PHP process is a formal program, under governments social housing initiatives, where communities gets directly involved and utilises funding allocated by their local municipality to construct BNG houses for community members. These families lived in shack dwellings for many years and are assisted to move away from their stands, to temporary accommodation. The informal structure is then demolished and a new BNG house, financed with grant funding, is constructed in its place. Skyward housing fulfils an important role by assisting them with construction, material, manpower and project management to make certain that they reach their dreams. Members of these communities are actively engaged in the construction and Skyward Housing gives them the opportunity to develop through on the job training.

In the first project Skyward Housing partnered with the Mzomhle Community to construct first 51 PHP Houses. This project in Kayalitsha is an initiative of the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements and the City of Cape Town. The first 34 houses have been completed and families took occupation of their newly constructed house.  A second community, Sinako awarded a contract to 34 houses to Skyward Housing of which 16 houses are completed. Negotiations are underway to assist in a third community group with 15 new houses.

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